Your Decision today, Determines how you want to be in the next 5 years (To be Rich or to Be Poor?)


In today’s world of fame and riches, everyone wants a better life and it is the goal of every human to be successful, but the problem is many do not know how to approach it, world is getting more easier every day and giving opportunities to young individuals.

 First of all let me talk about the subject matter; What is a decision? According to dictionary.com “DECISION is define as the act or process of deciding; determination, as of a question or doubt, by making a judgment.” From the definition above you can sight out that decision is a very crucial aspect of life and not everyone is able to make the right decision that will take them to their goals In life.

 Some of the reasons are they did not look at the advantages and disadvantages of the decision they want to make thereby making a huge mistake at the end of life, and sometimes people do consider the disadvantages and advantages but do not take more look at the disadvantages and with that most people fall out of track without reaching their goal.


The aim of this article is to enlighten you that the decision you make in life today determines the life you live tomorrow in the next five yrs.


While I was still a kind as at 14 yrs of my life, my goal was to be a medical doctor but when I consider my family background,  it way me down and I could not proceed with that vision knowing that there was none to sponsor me to school as at that time and my zealousness for school made me to leave my uncle who was always complaining that has no money to send me to school, I was like if I should continue staying with this my uncle it may happen that I will not be able to go  to school at all so I took the decision one morning and told him that I am traveling back to the village to meet my mom meanwhile I have stayed with him for a long time, did my primary and secondary school with him about 8-9yrs stay with him, when I told him that I was going to meet my mom he was shocked but he finally allowed me to go since him knowing fully well that he could not send me to school, but after all, when I came to the village and got admission into Delta state polytechnic otefe-oghara  as at then even my mom did not have any money to give to me to go to school, it was this same uncle that sent me the sum of N100,000 Naira that was in 2016.


 So i started thinking that the decision I made that day was the best and today  by the end of this year by His Grace I will be graduating from school and service Nigeria as a Corper. What does this my story tells you? It really means that decision making is the very important aspect of live when it comes to being successful in life. 

And there are some decisions that are very difficult to just conclude on cause those once are the  bridge between you and success, so make good decisions.


1.     Do not allow stress to get the better of you.

2.      Give more time to yourself to think about the issue, don’t just conclude

3.      Weigh the pros and the cons; (the advantages and disadvantages)

4.      Think about your goals and values

5.     Consider all the outcome of any decision you will make.

6.   Talk it out (meet elder people for advice)

7.    Rethink your option and possibly take a bold step.


The above listed tips can really help you to make a good decision for yourself in life and to better your future. In conclusion well it is good that you make the best out of life cause the world depends on you to be a better world for everyone.


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