Despo Gist: things to expect this Semester: Student Week, Seminar and Project Defense

Honestly speaking, the just concluded first semester was the longest semester ever in Delta State Polytechnic Otefe-Oghara, due to the strike and the school activities couple with the public holidays that was occurring during the semester.

However this is the second semester, believe that this semester most people will graduate from ND II and HND II and most people will also be promoted from ND I to II, HND I to II.

There are many activities this semester Unlike the student week which comprises of so many activities like ragging Day, the old school day, Cultural Day  then the MISS & MASTER SHOW and a lot of fun.

Maybe in our next post I will decide to write on the student week more in details.
This semester, the ND II and HND II will be writing their project and seminar which is one of the most important part of the session, after all; Students will be asked to defend their projects and their similar for those that are doing seminar. It was noted earlier that seminar and project is 8 unit course and if you happen to get it "A"or "B" you might end up having an UPPER CREDIT or a DISTINCTION. So here are some brief explanation on how to get an "A" or "B"in project and seminar defend.
When Choosing a Seminar or Project Topic, choose a topic you're familiar with so as to be able to understand it when researching and sorting for the materials in doing that, also make sure you keep in touch with your supervisor and try your best to be friends with HiM or Her so there will be good relationship between you and the supervisor, in most cases the supervisor are the once giving topics to their students, if that happens to be your case,,for you to score well in that, do the research yourself or get a partner that will show you how to do the research so as for you to know the subject matter of the topic, it will enhance your knowledge and give you   the edge to understand the research work in details, then when you're to defend it, everything will now be made easy for you when defending it.

For you to fully understand your seminar or project topic you must make sure you try to do it on your own by yourself and try to know at least the subject matter of what you are talking about then at the day of your defence you'll be able to say one or two vital things about the project topic then you're good to go. The reason why most people will have this project and seminar "C" is because they refuse to acknowledge their supervisor or get close to their supervisor so at the end of the day the supervisor will just say I don't know this person let me just give this student "C".

  I can assure you that if you can be able to know the subject matter of your project topic, "A" or "B" Is for you, then the next thing you have to do is to get in touch with your supervisor and make him or her a Mum or a Dad so friendly and closely. for those of you that have not gotten a seminar topic or a project topic if you still need us to give you one, you can likely contact us below. On WhatsApp +2348135419591,,, will you give you guard on how to go about your research work.

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