FoodICantLiveWithout : What's The Name Of That Food You Can't Leave Without?

Growing up was really tough for me, i got to admit especially when you're surrounded with gluttons in form of siblings.

For anyone who grew up living in a house where they are many siblings, they can attest to this claim.

In all of these, there's one thing i miss the most. The food aspect.

I grew up believing that beans was the only food available in the market because each time my mom goes to the market, that's the only thing she comes home with.

We get to eat beans in the morning, afternoon and in the evening without any visible plan of having something else apart from beans.

It got to a point where i started to think to myself maybe Beans is the only meal we are permitted to eat in my Tribe 😂

Other meals looks like a taboo to me then.

You know how one thinks especially when one is been fed with just one type of meal from January to December.

You'll start acting like that meal. Like in my case, i started acting up, i began looking more like Beans.

You know how funny bean shape is right? That's exactly how i was looking then 😂

Somewhere along the line, i got use to beans and ever since then, I've been addicted to it and there's no sign of going back anytime soon.

Now over to you. What's The Name Of That Food You Can't Leave Without?

Can you share a brief story like i did on how you came up with that food? Who knows you might just meet someone who's as crazy as you do over that food you love most.

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