Episode 2 : A Trip To Gombe - Dairy Of That Lazy Otefe Student


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I started feeling this urge to pill at some point. I tried so much to remain calm but the more i tried, the more the urge increases.

At this point, i couldn't stand it, i tried reaching out to the driver to plead with him to stop but got slammed by fellow occupants.

I could hear them saying "Driver nor stop ooh, leave am make he piss for body.

On hearing this, i felt bad, so bad that i wanted to do something remarkable. At least in the eyes of those who wanted my downfall

I pleaded with the driver again. He refused, i tried the second time, this time in more intense manner, he was left with no choice than to succumb.

You know that kind of feeling you get when a lady you have an eye for finally asked you to go lock the door right?

Don't lie i know you do. That was how i felt at that moment when i was granted permission to finally answer the glorious call to pie.

As i made my way out, i quietly left something for those who wanted my downfall.

I gave them something worthwhile of cause, a silent fart to keep them company and to let them know that no one fucks with a Warri Boy and go Scot free.

If you fuck up, You must collect, that's how we roll over there .

After taking my time to do my thing, i walked into the bus majestically like a king with all eyes on me, took my seat and we set out for the journey.

At about 12pm, we were already in Onitsha.

I actually planned using that route to Jos since the parks i visited in Warri wasn't helping matters. then from Jos to Gombe.

When we got to Jos, i hurriedly made my way to get my seat ticket not minding if I've had something on me since morning or not.

Few minutes after securing my seat ticket, we where told to wait for 4hrs before we can proceed to Jos

On hearing this, i was mad, very angry because I wanted to get to Jos on time at least before night finally falls.

You know how risky it is this days to travel late at night, to think of it that where i was supposed to stop (Jos) had recently had crisis is saddling .

In case you don't know, they've been lots of issues lately in Jos. It's been from one battle to another.

At this point, i was already fermished, i needed something to fill my tank

Sorry, stomach, i don't eat much you know, if you think I'm lying you can ask my mom (that's if you even know her lol)

On a second thought, i was thinking about the whole journey and all the bad things I've heard about late night journeys.

As God we have it, at about 6:00 we where called upon to get ready to move.

We walked to where our vehicle is, what I saw baffled me.

A whole lots of loads were already on ground and there isn't any sign of the owners on sight.

I simply walked to where one of the guy is, then i asked him while they're so many loads on ground and where are we going to sit with all of the loads on ground.

He said i shouldn't worry, i felt convinced by his words and decided to stay put

At about 45 mins later, we where asked to go in with our loads.

On getting inside, they where already lots of loads inside, i wanted to complain because i can hardly move my legs as a result of some of the loads lying beneath but before i could say a word, I heard one guy from the other side telling me to manage using his local dialects (Igbo).

He said

Oga manage am or wait for another car.

This people can be very annoying you know that i screamed back at him

He looked at me in a rather unfriendly manner, i wanted to react but thinking about how long I'll have to travel before I'll get to where i was posted to weakens my nerves instantly .

I concur and made my way to my seat.

For the first time in my entire life, i saw with my very eyes the reason why my Dad had always wanted me to stay away from the Igbos

The Igbos, i stand to be corrected though are lovers of money.

They love money so much that they place lot of values on what will fetch them money than in humans.

You need to see how we where jam-packed like sardines, loads on every side that you can hardly move your legs even while sitting down.

Please if you must visit any of these states using Onitsha as your core route, I'll advise you shouldn't board GUO Motors.

Those people don't care about you, all they care about is how many luggage they can convey rather than giving their customer an excellent service which they demand.

I wasn't bother though, i kept telling myself that this struggle won't last and I'll get over it real soon. Those were the words of affirmation i keep telling myself.

Sooner than i expected, we were half way to Benue. That was about 3:30 to be precise.

We got to a point that we had to stop and take a nap. A nap that lasted for just 2 :30hrs. that is from 3:30 AM to 5:00 AM

We had to stop to take a quick rest because we heard its dangerous on the other side of Benue.

At exactly 5:00 AM,  where were already up and ready to take our leave.

After a very long drive, we arrived at Jos successfully at about 12 : 30PM. Without wasting much time, i quickly entered a Taxi going to Gombe.

After about 3hours and 30 minutes drive, we were already in Gombe.

What i saw in Gombe surprised me that the bottle of beer i was holding fell off my fingers.

Stay tuned as i unravel what went down getting to Gombe and locating where i was posted to for the compulsory 3 weeks NYSC orientation Camp.

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