Crucifix Found Inside Bottle In Winners Chapel's Alter In Otefe-Oghara

We live in a world where alot of us especially Youths wants to get rich over night without going through the proper way of getting things done the right way.

Our youth are so blindly in love with riches and would do anything possible just to get what they want.

The desperate act to make money by youths of nowadays can be liked to that of a politician who will stop at nothing to assume a said office.

As usual, i was up like every other day and i was about getting ready for church when my millionaire friend came knocking at my door.

I asked who was at the door then he replied with a subtle voice

"It's me Baba"

Baba is a general name used by the Yoruba's to address someone older than them.

But we over here in the delta region of Nigeria, prefers using it to praise ourselves.

Then i quietly opened the door, he walks in and was like

Baba, won't you go to church today?

I wanted to say "No" but something in me keep saying Yes. Maybe my inner spirit wanted me to witness what was about to happen in church today.

I quickly replied him that I'm going meanwhile it hasn't been long i woke up.

Yes you heard me right, I lied when i said i was up and about going to church.

Since today is Sunday, it won't be nice if i start telling lies now.

So the truth is, as at when he came knocking, my lazy ass was still stuck  in bed so i quickly jump up from the bed, went straight to the kitchen and peeped through the pot of oiled rice i prepared yesterday to see if the grains of rice i counted before going to bed last night had not been tempered with then i hurriedly went straight to the bathroom to have my bath.

Few minutes after, my millionaire friend came over.

As at that time, I was already set for church.

We strolled our way through until we could see the signal of a speedy motorcycle  coming our way (bike)

We hopped in like Otefe girls hurting for a free ride and before we knew it, we were already in church.

We walked our way through the second time until we were able to secure a seat.

Though it wasn't easy securing a seat in a church like Winners where they are too many oversabi Ushers.

You know how this people behave na,

Hello dear, welcome to Winners Chapel this way please

And I'm like in my mind No No No,  you can't do that, leave me alone, I have already secured a seat somewhere close to the extreme where i can sleep comfortably without anyone noticing.

If there's anything i hate, is someone asking me or telling me where to sit.

I know what's going through your mind right now, it's not pride, that's how I've been doing it.

As i settled myself down to get the message of the day coming out from the mouth of God's servant, Pastor Frank.

Pastor Frank has been a blessing to me. A claim many can attest to.

Half way to the end of the message,  Pastor Frank pointed to the direction of one of his associate Pastor and asked him to bring out something by his side.

Something that looks like a packaged gift in Lyon.

But to the amazement of everyone,  what he brough out surprised the congregation.

It was one ugly looking small bottle in it is a crucifix that looks like the one our Lord Jesus Christ gave up the ghost on for the salvation of mankind.

Still in shock, i didn't know when the bottle of beer, sorry the Bible i was holding fell off my fingers and then i thought to myself

When did we get to this point? A point where alot of us Youths are so madly in love with riches and wouldn't mind going extra miles just to get that which we wanted?

The person who probably brought that and placed it before the alter from all indications might have been through alot .

Probably from Amaka's consistent threat to leave him because he has nothing on him or from Amaka's constant demands for luxury things other wise known as Worldly things as my friends will call it.

These where the thoughts going through my head as i write this article.

You see my dear friends, do not let women pressurize you to do that which you won't be proud of in the nearest future to come.

It's true that money answereth all things, do you also know that the love of money is the root of all evil?

A friend once told me that the quickest way to get money will either make your poor or take your life.

Please Ponder about this and you'll be amazed how things would start turning around for your good.

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