5 Things Slay Queens In Otefe Polytechnic Never Want To Hear From You

The era of slay Queen in Delta State polytechnic Otefe Oghara is definitely the new order in this 21st century and it doesn't look like what is about to stop or come to a hault anytime soon.

But before we go fully into some of the things slay queens in Otefe Polytechnic don't want to hear from you, it's right for you to know who a slay Queen is.

Who is a slay Queen? 

A slay queen is a girl who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do.

There are so many a thing slay Queen in Otefe Polytechnic are known. One thing all slay queens can be associated with is their lust for money or material things from men.

Dating one of these women needs you to have just enough money to waste. However, don’t waste your time thinking you can marry her, just enjoy with her and leave to save yourself from a lot of relationship dramas. (no wonder they're being used up for sacrifice)

Having known who a slay Queen is or what they do below are five things no slay queen wants to hear from you:

1. You don’t drive

Every slay queen wants a man who drives, a claim many including you reading this article can attest to if you're being truthful to yourself.

She wants to be driven from expensive dates to her home or your home. When you date her and you don’t drive, you will always have to pay for Uber since she will complicate the story and tell you how she doesn’t use public vehicles for her travels.

2. You live in a cheap house

Don't even go there my friend, slay queens are first to react when it comes to where you live in. Never, i mean never in your life attempt to take her to your home if you live in some cheap house.

She will insult your house from the place you live, the building itself and all the things inside. She wants to be taken to expensive houses even when she lives in a one-bedroom or bedsitter somewhere or probably doesn't have a roof over her heads. (feels like throwing sputum on them for this though)

3. You earn less than she does

Slay queens being heavy spender (if there's such words in the dictionary) wants a man that earns more than them. If she is doing some work, she expects you to be earning triple that she earns.

Otherwise you are no match for her. Slay queens want men who earn a lot that can accommodate her expensive dates.

4.You wear cheap clothes

Slay queens are allergic to cheap clothes, that's the more reason why they need to slay alot to have all their needs met.

Slay queens don’t fancy men who wear cheap clothes. Even if you have more money than she does, she will always despise you with how you dress. She wants to be around a classy looking man with some top labels on you like the likes of Gucci etc.

5. You don’t like expensive restaurants

Not slay Queen want to be looked down on in the slay Kingdom when it comes to patronising cheap restaurants.

Every slay queen wants to be taken to expensive restaurants and hotels. Though some men are satisfied with food from cheap hotels but if you dare take her out to one of such cheap eatery then you will never again agree on terms with her.

Declaimer : This post is not to mock anyone but to show to you some few things slay queens don't want to ever hear from you if you want to be subscribed to her slay hood or keep in touch with the slay Kingdom.

Now having gone through all of those things slay queens don't want to hear from you, which category are you? I know you are shy to admit but that's fine by us, let's hear your thoughts on this and Share if you've learnt something new.

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