Things To Note About Using Phone Close To Gas Cooker Every Student Of OgharaPoly Should Know

We understand that majority of the students in Delta State polytechnic Otefe Oghara make use of gas to cook right?  Well as convenient and time saving it may sound, there are some basic requisite every one should be aware of especially when you're using your phone close to a gas cooker.

1. Phone As Torch When Cooking With Gas Should Be Avoided

It is harmful/dangerous to use your phone near your cooking gas to check something. We all know that our phone torch has always been our saving grace in this time of national blackout especially these period where everyone in Otefe are waiting upon seeing Nepa light like someone waiting  for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The reason is simple, if we are told to switch off our phones in and around fuel stations because fuel and gas are highly combustible, it is also not advisable to use the same phone when cooking or near our generators as it is capable of causing explosion.

The phone battery also contains lithium ion which when close to a lighting flame can triggers explosion as well.

2.Don't Answer Phone Calls Close To A Cooking Gas 

I know alot of persons are victims of this very act and i also know that alot of persons in one way or the other might have asked questions like

"Is there any harm in answering phone calls in the kitchen area ?

Well the answer is YES when there's a gas leak.

Gas leak is the only time there is risk of an explosion in a kitchen while answering phone calls.

Our phones always ejects radiations called Electro Magnetic Waves. Because of this emission, when we talk on the phone and there's a gas leak, these Waves can lead to explosion when it comes in contact with the Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gases.

The gas cylinders that we use for cooking purpose contains LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and it is naturally very reactive as it is refined from Petroleum.

Please educate your family & friends about this and spread the word around. Don't keep this to yourself. Please share who knows you may save more than a life thanks.


  1. Thanks for the advice... Now I know

  2. Aghogho so you didn't know before..... Thank God for this guy



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