Pressing Problem Faced By The School Of Applied Science In DESPO Since Resumption

It is obvious that some things that are supposed to be done are not done in this polytechnic anymore, as a result of this, affecting the student of this great institution academically. Here are some problems faced:
1. Lack of proper practical set up (thereby making practical classes to be in form of a  theoretical lecture where the lecturer reads the practical manual and read the results in form of assumption).

2. Lack of power supply (it is as a result of absence of light during the practical classes and other compulsory activities that requires light thereby making it impossible to carry out any of those activities which reduces the skills and the ability of the students in terms of technology especially for the school of applied sciences  in DESPO.

3.The excellent performances of students are not compensated, recognized or even recommended. The student seeing that they are not appreciated for their hard work losses interest in their studies and diligence. This eventually results in poor performances at the outcome of the semester examination result. 

The field is now open to ever body, say what you think about this few facts, is it that the HOD of all the school of applied science and the management are not aware of all this problems or there is no money to fund them.

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