How to Understand What You Are Reading As A Student Of OgharaPoly (Part 1)

Alot of students in Delta state polytechnic Otefe Oghara find it difficult to assimilate when it comes to reading, to some they can read for hours without getting to know what they're reading while some, few hours spent with their books, they already understood everything they need to know.

While this might seems frustrating and more like an eculean task to some, we at Topskylinkers want you all to know that every individual are created the same, a claim every parents can attest to.

The only difference between the first category of persons that understands what they're reading pretty fast is simply because they understand their person.

Understanding ones self is one way to succeed at anything you do. So you need to go on a journey of self discovery to understand what works for you.

Today we shall be taking out time to point out some possible ways in which you can understand what ever you decide to read without having to spend hours reading.

1. Reading Smartly

Every intelligent person can be said to be a smart reader. Learning to read smartly and take good notes will make the reading a whole lot easier, faster, and much
more fun.

It's not all about reading smartly, it's all about taking out time to understand that which you're reading which can be achieved through thorough meditation.

2. Kill distractions

Distractions can come in various ways, it can come when you're sitting in the sitting room trying to read in the midst of a blasting music or probably watching soap operas.

So if you must assimilate what you're reading Get off the computer or your cell phone, turn off the TV, and cut out the music. It's very difficult to read, especially if you're reading something difficult with a divided attention.

3. Skim first and then read closely

No matter how difficult things can go trying to understand what a particular passage is trying to say, it is always recommended to skim the whole of the book first and then try to read each paragraph closely.

Skimming gives you an insight as to what you're about to learn or simply tell you what you should focus on as you read inbetween the lines.

4. Try to Picture what you're reading

Picturing what you're reading is a good way to understand. I personally have tried this and it has always worked for me. Picturing what you're about to read helps the mind to relax and ready to accept anything that goes into it.

Picturing something related to what you're about to read so that each time you try to forget, you just think about that thing which would always keep your mind afresh with that which you've learn.

Picturing also is a lot more fun, and helps you remember and understand what you are reading a lot better.

5. Read out loud to yourself

Research has it that alot of persons finds it pretty easy to focus, learn and assimilate when they read out loud in secrets especially in a closed room.

Reading out loud helps makes boring books more dramatic and interesting to read and also makes it possible to recall real quick.

6. Lock up words you are not familiar with 

The dictionary should be your best friend when you don't understand some certain words or terms when reading. It not only breaks down complex words but also gives you the simplest of words to use for easy remembrance.

7. Take a break

Taking a break is one perfect way to learn. Too much work and no play as the lay man would say makes Jack a dull boy. For every one hour reading you do, take out at least 15 minutes to play. That's the best way to learn.

Taking a break gives the brain time to rest and to focus more the moment you resume reading.

Having read through all of these steps outlined above and following all that has been said and most importantly with God by your side, success will come knocking at your door for no reason. Remain blessed.


  1. Nice article Sir.I believe with this,many students will put up effective and fruitful reading.

    1. Thank you so very much David, I'm pretty alot of students would make amends after reading this article.

  2. Best article ever..... This is what we need in this school

    1. Thank you for finding this article helpful. Please share for others to benefit.


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