How to Make a Distinction Result as simple as ABC In Delta State Polytechnic Oghara-Otefe. Secrete Revealed!!!

The very Goal of every Student is for he/she to have a good result. before i talk on how to make a  Distinction Result, i would like to explain what a Distinction is; A Distinction is the highest Grade in polytechnics and it is reward to somebody with a GPA of 3.50-4.00. In academic Race, it is  not easy because of some challenges faced by student, sometimes financial and family challenges but above all, one can still make a Distinction Result in a polytechnic like Despo. in this post i will explain how you can make a distinction or an Upper Credit.

My first examination experience in DESPO  taught me so many lessons which am going to unveil. now considering DESPO as an institution, the hardest department in this great institution is SLT department, we are known to be 6 to 6 student meaning we do go to class by 6am and close or return home by 6pm, but with all this stress i was able to make a Distinction Result, which has given me the experience to say it is very possible for any body to be a DT student. Now in First Semester i got a Lower Credit, but in my second semester i got a Distinction. below are the Strategies i used:

  1. I gave more time and focus to my five (5) unit courses. you can also do thessame by focusing more attention on your highest unit courses in you department.
  2. The thing that really help me was Pass Questions, after buying the pass question of all the courses i offfer that semester, i now knew how all the lectures are setting their questions. take not that buying of pass question is one of the item that will drive your mind to be focus on how lecturers sets their questions, even most past question  are repeated. i will recommend you buy up to 3years pass question of all the courses you offer, study the questions and provide answers to them. by so doing you build and prepare yourself for Success.
  3. thirdly i sought for people which knew those courses than i do, to put me through, which they did.
  4. during my exams in my second semester in ND1 i wrote two- three course  a day, but the wisdom i use was that after knowing my examination hall, when people are busy discussing and chatting i begin do revision of all i have read and it help me to recall all i have read easily.
  5. the forth thing i did was that i committed all the papers i wrote to God for Him to grant me Favour which He did. so after Result was pasted i was the only person that got Distinction in our Department in that semester.
 I believe that if you can apply this strategies you must make a Distinction Result or Upper Credit.
so please if you have any question you can drop it at the comment section of the blog.

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  1. God bless you real good for this, great post indeed.


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